WX4NHC Online Hurricane Weather Report Submission

Timestamp: 2007-08-19 19:04:43 -0500
Event: DEAN
Received Via: VOIP NET
Reporting Weather Volunteer Observer: Rob-KD1CY
Email: rmacedo@rcn.com

Observed (mo/day/year): AUG/19/2007

Observation time: 2256 UTC; 1856 PM Atlantic
Reported By:
Contact number:
Geographic Location of Observation:

Latitude: ; Longitude:

Wind Measurements: Measured
Sustained Wind Speed: MPH
Gust Speed: MPH
Wind Direction: N degrees

Barometric Pressure: MILLIBARS

Measured Rainfall:

Comments: Following information is from this link: http://www.stormcarib.com/reports/current/jamaica.shtml Liguanea, Jamaica in St. Andrew Parish: Many Trees Down per Corrine Smith Kingston, Jamaica report from "Tracy": Cannot really see much from here but wind is howling, rain is pounding and roof is creaking!!! We have generator so have power, landlines, C&W dial-up and digi and C&W cells are working but DSL and Vonage are out!!! Ent. Systems Cable still has a few channels coming through but sat signal is bad so pic breaks up alot. Have friends in the Norbrook section who have lost all trees and fences.