WX4NHC Online Hurricane Weather Report Submission

Timestamp: 2006-09-11 11:45:32 -0500
Received Via: VOIP NET
Reporting Weather Volunteer Observer: Rich Long (kf6bka)
Email: kf6bka@aim.com

Observed (mo/day/year): SEP/11/2006

Observation time: 1530 UTC; 1030 AM Central
Reported By: VP9HK Tony Siese
Contact number:
Geographic Location of Observation:
PO Box HM 1060
Hamilton, HM EX , BERMUDA
Latitude: ; Longitude:

Wind Measurements: Measured
Sustained Wind Speed: MPH
Gust Speed: MPH
Wind Direction: SSW degrees

Barometric Pressure: 986.3 MILLIBARS

Measured Rainfall:

Comments: Tony reported that the pressure has been rising steadly over the last hour. The causeway and airport are still closed. There is also an unconfirmed report that an estimated 25,000 people are without power. Tony sustained some damage to his HF antenna and fixed weather vane. Also he is still on emergency power.