WX4NHC Online Hurricane Weather Report Submission

Timestamp: 2008-09-07 00:24:53 -0500
Event: IKE
Received Via: VOIP NET
Reporting Weather Volunteer Observer: Rob-KD1CY @ WX1BOX-NWS Taunton
Email: rmacedo@rcn.com

Observed (mo/day/year): SEP/7/2008

Observation time: 0424 UTC; 1224 AM Atlantic
Reported By: Edgar Howell
Contact number:
Geographic Location of Observation:

, Bahamas
Latitude: ; Longitude:

Wind Measurements: Measured
Sustained Wind Speed: MPH
Gust Speed: MPH
Wind Direction: N degrees

Barometric Pressure: MILLIBARS

Measured Rainfall:

Comments: Report per Stormcarib.com from Edgar Howell: Grand Turk is reporting destruction of the roofs of a few homes and sustained strong hurricane force winds. Rain is now falling on Grand Turk. South Caicos is reporting sustained hurricane force winds in excess of 120 mph. The reporters on both islands believe that they are in the brunt 'full force' of IKE. The reporters also mentioned the horrible sound of the 'screaming' winds. Providenciales, North and Middle Caicos will be a little more north of the eye of Ike than Grand Turk and South Caicos. We can only hope that our experience latter tonight is a little less horrifying. Conditions at Providenciales are not as bad as one might have expected it to be at this time. The stuff is on it way though. Conditions on Middle and North Caicos will be deteriorating within the hour. North Caicos is expected to report soon and electricity permitting I will share the report with you.